As I Cycled Out on a May Morning

Starting Out on a May Morning
Cecil Sharp 1859 - 1924
Cecil Sharp In America
As I Cycled Out on a May Morning
100 Years Ago

As I Cycled Out on a May Morning[click for larger]
Talking Elephant TECD053 (CD, UK, 2003)

As I Cycled Out on a May Morning
The Cecil Sharp Centenary Collective

Recorded at: Rooksmere Studios, Overstone,
Northants, in July and August 2003

produced by Ashley Hutchings
Engineer: Mark Hutchingson
New photographs: Ron Eamonson
Old photographs: Cecil Sharp
Booklet design: Malcolm Holmes

Simon Care, melodeon, Anglo concertina;
Ashley Hutchings, vocal, acoustic bass guitar;
Emily Slade, vocal, acoustic guitar, banjo;
Roger Wilson, vocal, fiddle, Appalachian dulcimer, acoustic guitar

Brendan Power, harmonica;
Guy Fletcher, drums;
Kellie While, harmony vocals;
Mark Hutchinson, harmony vocals

Cecil Sharp

  1. 100 Years Ago
  2. William Taylor
  3. Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy
  4. Country Dance Medley (Philibelua All The Way / Newcastle / Galopede)
  5. The Trees They Do Grow High
  6. Among the New Mown Hay
  7. Crabfish
  8. Rose Bud in June
  9. Morris Dance Medley (Hunting the Squirrell / Constant Billy / Jockey to the Fair - from the Headington, Oxfordshire, tradition)
  10. The Carter

    Off to America

  11. Wife of Usher's Well
  12. Appalachian Front Porch Game
  13. Matty Groves

    Back to the British Isles

  14. Bride of Kildare
  15. 100 Years Ago (reprise)

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